Domain Bird – Sydney based SEO Agency

Domain Bird is a search engine optimization company located in Sydney.
We do it all, from core analytics to marketing, problem solving and SEO customization.

We deliver professional standards of service backed up by years of experience.

Overview – What we do for our clients

We develop a full-spectrum SEO marketing package, including:

SEO keywords analysis and research

We deliver the best, most effective search terms to put your business in the top rankings on Google.

Website audit review

We systematically check your site for all aspects of search dynamics including page titles, Meta tags, internal links, body tags, site mapping, and we solve technical search problems based on site configuration settings, and much more.

Link building

Links are critical to your site’s search profile. We establish high value, authoritative links to deliver a strong site search profile in accordance with Google rules and best practice SEO management principles.


SEO marketing must be monitored for performance up to date metrics. We check domain performance to ensure that our clients are still on top of the search rankings.

Competitive Analysis

Extremely important in good SEO is comparison with competitor site performance. Our services are designed to beat your competitors, and we make sure it does.


We deliver regular monthly reports on SEO performance, providing meaningful results and analytics of your site’s progress and performance.

Site voting performance services

We focus on your site’s votes, including links, likes, favourites, and site referrals. As you can imagine, this is particularly important on social media.

SEO Consulting Services by Sydney’s #1 Search Experts

Our consultancy SEO services are multifaceted. We listen to our clients, and help structure a practical marketing campaign which delivers strong results. We work with our clients to map out the best strategies for their business needs.

We target business priorities, like products, services, and expertise. We configure our SEO to help with new business initiatives, and promote new business. We deliver a do-everything service for all aspects of marketing, when required.

We can also help you with all aspects of your promotions. As a full-spectrum Sydney digital marketing agency, we can also deliver our services in any type of online media. If you have a YouTube video for your new product or service, or you want to upgrade your Facebook advertising, we can help you with your website performance to maximise your exposure in your market.

You tell us what you need. We’ll deliver. It’s that easy to get the SEO quality and performance you need for your business.

Talk to us now

When you’re looking for SEO marketing in Sydney, talk to us first. We’re here to give you high quality search engine optimization service that’s custom made for your business needs. We’ll give you the full service VIP treatment, fixing any issues, creating new opportunities and opening up new business advantages for you.

Contact us now online or by phone. Let’s talk about what you want. We’re happy to assist, advise, and provide any guidance or resources you need.

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