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Domain Bird will provide comprehensive and tailored SEO solutions. Therefore, we need to conduct several steps to get a good grasp of your business. We will know more about your business and your competitors determine your efforts related to SEO for business provide you with a thorough report and plan out a collaborative approach to your SEO concerns and eventually implement.

Before any campaign begins, Domain Bird will include the assessment of scope of business and extent of SEO activities. We will provide a QUESTIONNAIRE to help clients provide us relevant information. Upon reviewing the history of the company, then we may be able to identify which needs immediate attention, type of service needed and the scope of work to be done. An appraisal of your business is necessary so we can provide the best SEO strategy tailored to your nature of business.


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This is the first step towards building your online SEO campaign for your business. Before anything else, we aim to fully understand your niche and the kind of market and competition you have in existence. Firstly, we begin to determine and research more about the leading competitors in your niche market.


After we have established your business profile and industry scope, you are just a step away from establishing a profitable endeavour for your business.

  • TECHNICAL AND CONTENT AUDIT will allow us to determine significant issues affecting your SEO efforts.
  • COMPETITOR’S AUDIT will allow us to also conduct a review of what your competitors are putting on as web content.
  • KEYWORD MAPPING is an integral part of content marketing plan. If you want to have relevant content for Google, keyword mapping is essential in plotting specific keywords and landing pages. Your current content shall be examined and analysed down to its minute detail. Anything that might warrant an improvement shall be addressed accordingly


It definitely pays to plan ahead. For your SEO campaign, success does not just happen. It is to be planned for. In this third step of the process, we will plan on how we can possibly achieve favourable results for your SEO campaign. This is where all targeted goals, deliverables and expectations are being identified. We will tap into building your PR media and marketing plans as well as provide solutions to technical issues on your website.


We will conduct evaluation and strategy modification as needed to achieve the results we prefer for the success and improved profitability of your business.

Why SEO is Vital for the Success Of My Business?

If you are contemplating of investing in SEO, it is best that you understand that it has been very important nowadays than it was before. Despite the current dilemmas related to lack of organic traffic and keyword data. You will have to secure an SEO strategy if you are keen towards achieving online success. SEO will remain as the single most important factor of an organization in their branding and efforts of building their online presence. SEO will never cease to be a factor for effective SEO approach. On various levels, video and audio searches will definitely and ultimately depend on the keywords used similar to the traditional text-based content. This will ensure the continuity of SEO techniques in existence. A huge percentage of the market shares are being grabbed by search engines. IT was cited that from 80 to 90% of clients nowadays prefer to check for reviews and feedbacks online before making a purchase. Through organic SEO, more people will know about your business. This will definitely increase your profitability and faster ROI.


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Why Work With Domain Bird?

  • We can provide you with all the assistance that you might need in the promotion of your business. Domain Bird is your comprehensive digital marketing partner in achieving dominance in your specific niche. We aim profitability for your business by exploring various heights for business.
  • Tell us your story. Share us what you want to achieve with your business. It is a step closer to success and profitability.
  • When you are on the look for an SEO partner for your business, Domain Bird is the right place to be. We are here to give you the highest quality SEO service you deserve. We will provide you with the assistance, guidance and expertise towards the realization of your business goals.
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