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For all of our clients, we utilize a process in order to fully provide specific and tailored support and SEO Solution. We understand each business is unique.

We aspire to provide the most comprehensive and personal approach to SEO solutions for each of our clients. Therefore, Domain Bird tailors our approach to each client individually. Thus, your business is not handled by a generic solution which can either make or break the business.

Successful SEO campaigns begin with a strong and comprehensive understanding of the business, corporate strengths and weaknesses as well as the desired goals of the client. We will build a collaborative effort with you as the business owner. In this way, there will be a sense of transparency towards the end of the project. This would imply more.


What is Pay Per Click ?

Most Cost-Effective Methods Of Marketing

PPC, or Pay Per Click as it is known, is exactly what the name implies: you only pay for when a visitor clicks through to your website; not every time someone sees your ad. The risks are low, but when done correctly, the payoff can be exceptionally high. You can generate a substantial amount of online traffic from users who search for the same keywords that you’re targeting, leading to more visits to your site and higher sales and conversions.


Our PPC Campaign Process

data driven

Why SEO is Vital for the Success Of My Business?

In the marketing world, pay-per-click, or PPC, is critical to success. PPC is a model of Internet marketing in which the advertiser pays a charge whenever their ad is clicked. PPC advertising offers a cost-effective way to boost an advertisement online while still netting a considerable profit. It also allows your organization’s results to appear before competitors and the organic listings. Implementing PPC into your marketing strategy offers a swing of benefits that highlights its importance such as:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords: Due to its influence and reach, Google AdWords is crucial to incorporate PPC into your marketing strategy.


Keywords: Google uses keywords to display advertisements for AdWords advertisers that match the search queries of consumers online. At Domain Bird, we provide you the assistance of finding the right keywords to reach the highest quality of audience. Once this is properly implemented, your business will increase conversions in a matter of time.


Cost-Effective: Our pay-per-click media tactic is a viable alternative for a company who has their campaign managed well. The cost incurred for the fee that your business will pay when ads are clicked will be significantly cheaper than the amount of you gained on a sale. Thus, we offer low-risk advertising with high return rate.

Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords: To improve the quality of a PPC campaign, negative keywords are added, which increase the effectiveness of relevancy in searches. Negative keywords also offer the advantage of saving money by streamlining your campaign

Why Work With Domain Bird?

Domain Bird is geared towards Data Driven Research for PPC. We conduct optimization and analysis for our client in their specific marketing niche. We are geared towards the achievement of marketing data to achieve ultimate SEO campaign results. Domain Bird has a comprehensive process which guarantees our clientele that we continuously implement only the best and effective strategies specific to their needs

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