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Google AdWords is the famous, highly successful pay per click global advertising method used by companies worldwide. This is a very straightforward method of advertising and placing ads online.

We’re Google-certified AdWords specialists.  We help our clients to build a targeted PPC campaign, tailored to your specific business priorities and promotions.

Google AdWords are a paid-for service from Google. You bid a price for your campaign, and pay that price when your ad is clicked, hence the expression “pay per click”. Your bid is the amount you pay for each click. We make sure your ads are cost-effective and commercially productive.

The idea of AdWords is to provide a lot of online exposure, and generate more click-throughs to your site. Your ads appear on relevant searches by your customers. When your customers search for products, they act very much like keywords. AdWords is a very effective marketing tool when used with good SEO.

The most important considerations when using AdWords PPC are:

  • For overall online performance, a good combination of SEO and AdWords is best practice, coordinating both to make your site more accessible and to improve Google rankings.
  • There is a cost to using Google AdWords. You set a budget price for Google AdWords, calculated on a daily or monthly basis.
  • You need to monitor performance, AdWords effectiveness, and Some internet experts say that doing it all yourself is like an extra unpaid job. That’s a pretty fair assessment when you include the AdWords reporting systems, analytics, and the related admin and accounts work.

Domain Bird PPC AdWords Management

This is how we manage AdWords for our clients:

  • We create your account and build your ads.
  • We manage the linkages between Google Analytics and your account(s).
  • We manage “conversions”, including setting up, tracking, and monitoring performance.
  • We tailor your AdWords reports to meet the specific requirements of your business to ensure full spectrum coverage of your advertising performance.
  • We provide our clients with regular reports and any special reportage as required, including analyses.
  • We develop and improve your keywords.
  • We test bidding rates and optimization options.
  • Ad scheduling – Ad scheduling tells Google when you want to run (or not run) your ads. This is a very useful marketing tool, allowing you to control your advertising campaigns.
  • We also do your ad copy for you, tailored to your AdWords needs.

Domain Bird does it all for you

We manage your AdWords account administration. We watch your costs, manage reporting, and monitor the performance of your ads.

Our Google AdWords work is highly results-focused, using efficient metrics. We make sure your ads maximize returns and are working effectively in your market. We also advise regarding performance standards and provide all relevant analytics data to monitor your AdWords operations.

Want to get Google AdWords for your business? Just call us!

When you’re looking for paid Google marketing in Sydney, talk to us. We’re your one-stop PPC agency. We deliver all your Google Adwords services for a basic management fee. Our AdWords management fees are fully scalable depending on your needs and your budget. Just call us now and let’s discuss your Google advertising goals. We’ll be happy to assist and provide any support or guidance you need.

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